The Perfect Cup of Learning Tea

Posted by Jim Klaas on October 24, 2012

Learning is like the perfect cup of tea. To find out how, Click here:

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How to make the perfect cup of herbal tea. Take these homegrown ingredients: a teaspoon of fennel seeds for flavour, add a hot pepper for zing and some Stevia leaves for sweetness. This tea has intense flavour, gets your attention and leaves a pleasant sweetness in your mouth.

This is the way I like my learning. Not insipid or dull, with enough picante to make me notice and enough sweetness to make me want to repeat the experience.

Stevia leaves by the way are 30 to 45 times sweeter than table sugar and have been used for millennia by the Guaraní in South America with their Maté. I never tried it till this year. It really makes me wonder how many things are out there that if added to my learning, could have revolutionary results, yet simple enough that I could “grow in my own garden”.

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