Stimulate imagination in learning

Posted by Jim Klaas on May 08, 2013

Imagination is an important starting point in learning. If we can’t imagine how something will be of benefit or be of interest, we are likely not to be motivated, won’t get started or we will give up easily.
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In my thinking, imagination in learning is fed by stimulation, incubation, practice, permisssion and protection. I am sure there are more factors to add. But I would like to look at these one by one.

Stimulation can come from anywhere:
A word, a quote, an image, a need, an idea, even a bad one.
For me stimulation is a social phenomenon where other’s creativity stimulates my imagination. (I am most inspired to draw after I visit an art gallery.)
Sometimes if I can just start something, that is enough stimulation to make imagination flow.
Sometimes changing the order of things stimulates imagination. (Like taking the last sentence I write in a paragraph and putting it first.)

What stimulates your imagination to help you learn?

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