Incubation in Learning

Posted by Jim Klaas on May 15, 2013

Incubation in learning, seems so passive but it is so necessary. Click here to watch a 1 minute presentation on incubation in learning.

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I would like to consider how incubation is necessary for learning.
It takes a hen about 21 days to incubate her eggs. In a mere three weeks you go from from something you would scramble in a pan to something that will get up and run away.

Incubation is essential to imagine. A profound question may be met by silence because people need time to think. The inexperienced discussion leader will confuse this silence with disinterest and answer their own question.
We need to let ideas percolate and some ideas require the inconvenient gestation of months and years.
I must build in margin to allow for learning to sit even a day or two and come back to it.
The amazing thing about incubation is that it happens by itself. No extreme effort is needed. I do need to be organized enough to have the time to let it happen.

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