At DevEd, we work closely with organizations worldwide to support international development initiatives in numerous capacities, helping to shape successful projects and programmes.

You face countless obstacles. Your trained staff are getting recruited by multinationals and their replacements are eager but lack training. Grants and funding are constant question marks. You need to design programmes that can succeed in diverse cultures with wildly different needs.

We Provide

  • Independent project management, design, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Capacity building through face-to-face and online training and coaching
  • Research and proposal writing
  • Technical expertise in nutrition and community-based rehabilitation of malnourished children
  • Change management for NGOs
  • Design of curriculum and training materials
  • Qualitative and quantitative baseline surveys
We’ve Been There

Our decades of living and working internationally means we offer your organization vital cultural understanding and a geographic reach that extends to countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Find out how we can help your organization. Contact us now.