Audio Speed for ESL listeners

Posted by Jim Klaas on May 02, 2012

We need to become more aware of how fast we speak if we want people to learn from us. Click here:

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I have been thinking about the speed in words per minute of our audio training components for people whose English is not their native tongue. This is an increasing probability in our globalized culture.
One ESL website uses this rubric for speed of comprehension:
From very slow to fast is 116 words per minute to 201.
I then analyzed four speakers we used in a recent Articulate presentation: (dividing the number of words in the script by the total length of presentation)
As you can see we are ranging from very slow to fast! The funny thing is that I didn’t hear the difference in speed until I did the analysis. For me it is a call to action to try to slow down my audio which is a challenge because I want this to fit into 1 minute

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