100th 1 Minute Learner

Posted by Jim Klaas on February 15, 2012

Dear 1 MLers
I can’t believe we have made it to 100 blog posts. To find out the three most important things I have learned about learning click here

About the 1 Minute Learner
Jim Klaas is a learning coach, author, and the founder of DevEd International, a firm specializing in innovative learning solutions and international development. Find out more at devedinternational.net

This is my 100th 1 Minute Learner Blog. It has taken me over 3 years to get this far since I did the first one: To learn is to live. Gord Jones said if I made a 100 blog entries I would really have learned something in the process. So now I want to ask myself what have I learned this far?
1. Life is a continuous learning opportunity: many lessons unexpected, some unsolicited, but all are valuable. While we can use big words to talk about learning, if even a baby can learn, so can we!
2. I am surrounded by mentors. We can really learn from other people. The dedications I have made for each 1 ML are heart felt. I have so many people unmentioned and my words so inadequate.
3. There is beauty in learning. As I ponder learning, I see treasure, I see art. I see wonder.
4. There is also agony in learning. We hold it all with open hands.

So let’s keep learning.


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