We are consultants who specialize in educational technology, instructional design, corporate team building, and international development. Working with DevEd means creating better learning experiences, building stronger teams, readying yourself for change, and solving the tough problems you face every day.

Learning Solutions

We connect you with powerful strategies and tools that help your organization thrive. Through coaching, workshops, and consultation,
you can:

  • Improve your enterprise’s Learning Intelligence™
  • Connect with powerful e-learning technology and tools
  • Increase your ROI with training that raises performance and gets results

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International Development

We’ve lived and worked internationally for decades, giving us fluency in both language and culture that means we can provide expert help with:

  • Capacity building in nutrition, health, and community development
  • Project management, design, monitoring, and external evaluation
  • Key research to shape successful programmes worldwide

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Our clients include universities, professional associations, government agencies, and faith-based and humanitarian organizations. Find out what we could do for you. Contact us now.