Why you need to know the Rule of the Power of Five (Part 2)

Posted by Jim Klaas on February 28, 2012

Here is the second part for The Rule of the Power of Five. Click here to learn more.
Happy learning.

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Now we will look at ‘WHY” the “the Rule of the Power of Five” works as simple way to generate ideas for learning solutions.
This works because five is a very good number.

  • It is enough to stretch our thinking.
  • It is enough to practice the art of continually choosing as part of the learning process.
  • It is enough to easily keep track of our progress. (But not too high goal that we can’t get started.)
  • It is enough to encourage continuous improvement. (At any time, you or others can substitute any of the 5 elements for something better. The method is constructed with planned flexibility so we can learn our way through change.)
  • And five is simple enough to build learner agency instead of thinking it is someone else’s job to figure it out.

There is a link in the last slide to a worksheet for the Rule of the Power of Five, you can download and use. Your feedback is welcome.


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