The Rule of the Power of Five

Posted by Jim Klaas on February 22, 2012

Dear 1MLers
Here is a learning tool you might find helpful: The Rule of the Power of Five (Part 1) click here to learn more.
Happy learning.
PS. More next week

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Hands They are as unique for each of us as our personality.
There is a learning method using our hands that I call “the Rule of the Power of Five”. It is It is surprisingly effective though simple.
Identify something you want to learn. You could phrase it as a problem statement of something that needs to be solved. (You could suggest 5 problems and pick the most urgent one to start if you are having trouble getting going.)
Now list 5 things you already know about this problem.
List 5 questions you would like answered about this.
Find 5 possible resources that would help. Include people and information.
List 5 possible activities that would get you one step further in your learning.
Now you have very good material to start working from. Develop a specific plan based on this collection of ideas, try it and then reflect on the experience. Repeat using the Rule of the Power of Five with the advanced problem or another one on your list. The Rule of the Power of Five can get us started on managing our own learning


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