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Posted by Jim Klaas on January 24, 2012

Dear 1MLers,
Find out how frozen brakes taught me something about social learning. Click here to watch.

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This morning my son Dan phoned me. He was late for a meeting and his brakes were frozen. The car couldn’t move forward.
While he was trying to push the car and see if he could jolt the brake lose, I started searching the Internet. One workable suggestion I found in a chat forum was to hold a hair dryer on the brake drum to warm it up. Had we not found an answer we could have appealed to a larger audience through Twitter. At any rate Dan tried it along with prayer and 20 minutes later he was on his way.

This is a simple example of social learning. The answer came between the two of us in a social interaction supported by online technical access, our combined evaluation of the options and immediate application of the ideas. All this while he was in Winnipeg and I was near Toronto. Social learning ‘just in time` and at its best.


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