Educational Technology

In the right hands, technology is incredibly powerful – it can make collaboration easier, facilitate interaction for people with disabilities, reduce your carbon footprint, and break down geographical barriers.

DevEd can connect your organization with leading tools for online, blended, and social learning. That means you’ll be able to design learning experiences that are more flexible and effective and offer them to a much wider and more diverse audience than ever before.

Learning Management Systems

Our experience with industry-leading Learning Management Systems like Moodle, Desire2Learn, and LAMS means we can help you:

  • Choose the best platform for your specific needs
  • Assess your e-learning courses for the very best results
  • Seamlessly host and manage your courses and student registrations
  • Develop learning experiences that reflect your institutional look and feel
  • Get your instructors trained in the technology and tap into expert helpdesk support



Social Learning

Social learning is about more than tacking a Facebook page or Twitter feed onto your courses. We believe it can be a fundamental tool for forging connections and enabling collaboration. Social media can empower learners to make the most out of their Learning Journey. Work with us to:

  •  Leverage social media for unprecedented engagement and better outcomes
  •  Integrate social learning into your courses’ very DNA
  •  Make social learning accessible to savvy users and novices alike


Hybrid Web Conferencing

DevEd can help broadcast your face-to-face conferences on the web, allowing you to create more engaging experiences that even incorporate PowerPoint presentations. All of your content can be converted to accessible links for storage and later access.

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