Learning is recognizing patterns

Posted by Jim Klaas on January 04, 2012

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Learning is recognizing patterns and thanks to Dr Patz who learned how a harmful treatment pattern affected many premature babies with blindness.
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Dr Arnall Patz, in the early 1950’s recognized a pattern that premature babies (before 32 weeks and below 3 pounds) suffered a higher incidence of blindness. He wondered if it was because of high doses of oxygen given which detached the retina in the eye.
He applied for a $4000 research grant but was turned down. His brother funded the research.
He confirmed that this treatment was the leading cause of blindness in newborns (more than all other causes put together) and that it affected 10,000 babies in the US in the preceding decade (including Stevie Wonder).
In 1953 because Dr Patz recognized a bad treatment pattern and learned the reason why, the harmful practice was discontinued.
This was the same year my twin brother and I were born were born prematurely. We did not receive any oxygen treatment and our vision was not affected.
Thank you Dr Patz for being a persevering learner recognizing a harmful pattern in spite of forceful opposition.


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