Posted by Jim Klaas on September 28, 2011

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Find out how a camping experience gives a new perspective on brain storming. Click here
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Recently Naomi had a camping experiencing on the north shore of Lake Superior of a storm so fierce that it snapped the tent poles and she literally had to hold the tent down. Experiencing a storm from a tent is a far different perspective than watching it from inside a building.

I associate this imagery with brainstorming. We generate a torrent of ideas, by taking risks and suggesting the preposterous, then two or more wacky ideas can be joined to become a something spectacular. We are not supposed to evaluate anything in the ideation stage, but let the creative deluge take us to where we have never been before.

My problem is that I do take my ideas very personally and especially your evaluation of them. But that is why it is called brain storming. It is not just the quantity and novelty of ideas but it is our vulnerability in offering them that is like experiencing a storm. Brainstorm from the perspective of the vulnerability of being inside a tent not from the safety of being inside a building.


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