1ML Learning Scenarios

Posted by Jim Klaas on April 13, 2010
elearning, InstructionalDesign, learning

Dear 1MLers,
I am playing with branched e-learning scenarios, a tool that should help bring learning into real life situations. Click here.

2 Comments to 1ML Learning Scenarios

  • Jim Klaas says:

    Yes Kendra, I was trying to capture a real life problem and use it so that as the learner chooses, this leads into a response for further input or discussion. The alternative instructional design usually is quizzes that measure fact and details but not applying it in a real life setting. I admit that my example could be clearer. Thanks for your thoughts. Jim

  • Kendra says:

    Hi Jim – I'm afraid I didn't follow this one fully. I understand the idea of using scenarios to help learning that is more easily applied in real life. But I didn't understand the example you used. Was it simply designed to help me think about the pro's and con's of each choice?